Elinor artfully leads marketing initiatives by offering profound knowledge, professionalism, clear objectives and structured timelines. Her vast experience and successful track record, coupled with tremendous enthusiasm and creativity, positions her as an asset to any company fortunate enough to work with her.

Steve Ruder

I have worked with Elinor Cohen for over 2 years and I can say she is the real deal. In a sea of self-proclaimed marketing experts with little knowledge beyond being on social media, Elinor is a thoughtful seasoned professional that is a delight to work with. There is no one I know that is better at customer engagement and community management.

I have learned a lot from Elinor, and I am better at marketing having worked with her. In addition to her marketing expertise she is an accomplished writer, speaker and polyglot. (6 languages, that still blows my mind).

If you are looking for a someone to give you the marketing edge you need to stand out from the rest, look no further.

Rob Crasco

I have been Elinor’s client for over two years on behalf of a successful and expanding Fintech company. To put it plainly, Elinor and her team are professionals in community management/agile social media marketing (the services she provided our company). Elinor is always on top of new developments, yet this never distracts her from providing measurable results. Apart of her professionalism, three qualities cause me to retain her services time and again: communication skills, hands-on approach and no-fear-to-dare.

After every conversation, I have found myself enriched with new knowledge and answers to my questions, clear action plan, and new horizons (AKA ‘if we don’t know what works better, let’s test and see’). I definitely recommend Elinor as a partner for fast-moving, dynamic and client/people-centric companies.

Kira Tchernikovsky

Elinor is a great marketing person, she has high discipline and can set plans, set goals and can achieve these goals and plans. Elinor is truly a team leader & focused on achieving big results. She can create a strategy and execute with tactics that ensure success. Anyone looking for a real professional Community Manager should reach out to her. Elinor is sharp-thinking and knows how to focus on the needs of an organization, and identifying weak points. It’s a pleasure to talk to Elinor who finds the optimal solution to any problem that arises. I can give Elinor the best recommendation.

Naor Kahana

Elinor is simply amazing! Enthusiast, professional and prepared. I had the opportunity to have her as a mentor during my H-Farm Acceleration Program this year. Elinor did not only helped me a lot with the business but inspired to understand real goals of an entrepreneur. If you need a mentor and a good friend she is your person!!!

Elena Bisio

I collaborated with Elinor during the last acceleration program in H-Farm. She is one of the few mentors able to understand in no time the stage, the needs and the business troubles of startups that attended the acceleration program. Moreover Elinor is a open-minded visionary woman able not only to understand the need of the startup itself but mostly to connect deeply with the founders and to push them beyond their fears. She takes communities engagement very seriously and finds ways to overcome the inevitable difficulties that a startup will find in growth phase.

Alvaro Antonini, H-Farm

Elinor helped my startup company during a very valuable mentoring session. The things she said and the way she helped using the span of mere hours were both impressive and inspiring. I would certainly recommend setting up a meeting with her. It will be worth your time. Twice over.

Matthijs Kramer

Elinor is an explosion of fresh ideas combined with skills she perfected over years of experience in social media marketing, brand awareness and growth hacking! The ultimate Success Package when it comes to mentoring startups! I met Elinor a few months ago and in only an hour of conversation, she gave me extremely valuable tips, tricks and suggestions to grow our traction and brand awareness! We have been in touch since and she never hesitates to drop me a line if she has thought about us and something new has come to her mind that she wants to share – simply because it could help. I highly recommend Elinor as a mentor: she is very attentive, examines your business needs closely and never runs out of new ideas tailored just for your project.

Ieva Sibilla Strupule

Elinor’s talk was refreshing and actually taught us some new things. After hearing her at the B2B insights conference we knew we had to book her for our customers round-table community meetup.

Shahar Peer

The most interesting talk at the B2B insights conference. Gave me lots of fresh ideas and a new way to look at what we’re doing in our company.

Shay Gabay