I have worked with Elinor Cohen for over 2 years and I can say she is the real deal. In a sea of self-proclaimed marketing experts with little knowledge beyond being on social media, Elinor is a thoughtful seasoned professional that is a delight to work with. There is no one I know that is better at customer engagement and community management.

I have learned a lot from Elinor, and I am better at marketing having worked with her. In addition to her marketing expertise she is an accomplished writer, speaker and polyglot. (6 languages, that still blows my mind).

If you are looking for a someone to give you the marketing edge you need to stand out from the rest, look no further.

Rob Crasco

Elinor is a great marketing person, she has high discipline and can set plans, set goals and can achieve these goals and plans. Elinor is truly a team leader & focused on achieving big results. She can create a strategy and execute with tactics that ensure success. Anyone looking for a real professional Community Manager should reach out to her. Elinor is sharp-thinking and knows how to focus on the needs of an organization, and identifying weak points. It’s a pleasure to talk to Elinor who finds the optimal solution to any problem that arises. I can give Elinor the best recommendation.

Naor Kahana

I collaborated with Elinor during the last acceleration program in H-Farm. She is one of the few mentors able to understand in no time the stage, the needs and the business troubles of startups that attended the acceleration program. Moreover Elinor is a open-minded visionary woman able not only to understand the need of the startup itself but mostly to connect deeply with the founders and to push them beyond their fears. She takes communities engagement very seriously and finds ways to overcome the inevitable difficulties that a startup will find in growth phase.

Alvaro Antonini, H-Farm

Working with Elinor on a crowd funding project in which she was the project manager and we supplied the content was a real pleasure. She is not only a pro’s pro and highly creative (and thus very expensive but worth every penny), she is one of the nicest people I ever had a chance to…

Motti F.

I’ve been working with Elinor and her strategic partners for a few years now, even before the Social Fairy was created. These professionals really know what they’re doing! whether it’s marketing content, business development strategies or social media management.

Olga Pomerantsev, Webyarok Webdesign